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Hedge Trimming

Hassle-Free Hedge Trimming, Without Lifting a Finger


Control, sculpt, and define your green space with precision hedge trimming.

We help you maintain an elegant hedge, and take all the mess with us when we leave.

Hedge Trimming Overview

Clear Walkways, no more obstructions

With hedge trimming, sidewalks, driveways, and paths around your property remain unobstructed. Overgrown hedges can make navigation difficult, but a precise trim ensures easy passage and a tidier appearance. It’s all about creating a harmonious space that’s also functional.

No Obstructions

Good Looking Hedges are Healthy Hedges

Trimming isn’t just aesthetic. It actively promotes the health of your hedges. Removing dead or overgrown sections allows for better air circulation and sunlight penetration. This invigorates the plant, encouraging vibrant growth and reducing susceptibility to diseases.

Healthy Hedges

Prepare Ahead, your hedge will love you for it

Seasonal hedge trimming is essential for weathering changing conditions. Before harsh seasons, trimmed hedges can resist damage better and bounce back quicker. This preparation not only ensures survival but also primes the hedges for robust growth once the season changes.

Prepare Ahead

Hedge Trimming Steps to Perfection

Hedge Trimming Process
  1. Assessment of the hedge’s health and shape.
  2. Determination of customer’s desired hedge height and style.
  3. Setup of protective covers or tarps to catch clippings.
  4. Use of sharp and sanitized tools to ensure clean cuts.
  5. Trimming the hedge to desired height and shape.
  6. Thinning out dense areas to allow for better air circulation.
  1. Clearing away of all clippings and debris from the area.
  2. Inspection for any signs of disease or pests during trimming.
  3. Application of any necessary treatments (if required and approved).
  4. Final review with the customer to ensure satisfaction.
Hedge Trimming Completed Over Pool At Home In Breakwater

What Our Clients Say

We had the guys over to cut down an out of control hedge that was deeply affecting light values to our rental. What a wonderful job they did! Thanks to Dave and the guys for a fantastic job.

Victoria Clark

Hedge Trimming  – FAQ


What time of year is best for hedge trimming?

The ideal time for hedge trimming varies based on the hedge type. Generally, late spring to early summer is recommended. However, for specific hedge varieties, different times might be optimal. Regular maintenance ensures healthy growth.

Over-trimming can indeed stress and potentially damage hedges. The hedge trimming service focuses on removing just the right amount, ensuring both health and aesthetic appeal are maintained.

Hedge Trimming Faq 1

Can you trim tall hedges or those hard to reach?

The hedge trimming service is equipped to handle hedges of all heights and complexities. Specialised tools and techniques are utilised to reach tall or difficult areas, ensuring a uniform and neat appearance.

The frequency of hedge trimming depends on the hedge type and desired appearance. Some hedges may require trimming several times a year, while others might need it less frequently. Regular trimming promotes dense, healthy growth.

Hedge Trimming Faq 2

Avoid the job becoming larger than it needs to be, with regular hedge trimming