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Got Me Stumped Tree Services

Masters of Arboriculture, Beyond Ordinary Tree Services

Exceptional tree care starts with unmatched dedication. Got Me Stumped Tree Services boasts a team of arborists who always exceed expectations. With a compehensive range of tree care services including tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, hedge trimming, and holistic tree maintenance, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t called us sooner. Masters Of Arboriculture
David Lamont

Climbing High, Two Decades of Tree Mastery

In the tree care world, David Lamont stands tall, not just as the owner & operations manager of Got Me Stumped Tree Services, but as a figure with 20 years of industry experience. Starting in a local company that combined traffic control with tree services, David discovered his passion for arboriculture. Encouraged to become certified, he soon embarked on weekend gigs, working towards getting out on his own.

By 2011, David Lamont’s Tree Services sprouted, distinguishing itself from the competition through unparalleled passion, commitment, and top-tier service. When he’s not steering Geelong’s premier tree service company, David savors quality moments with his wife Stacey and their three kids. Outside family time, he’s fueled by passions like fishing & the occasional game of golf.

Every Need Addressed, Big or Small, We Do It All

Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial business, agricultural farm, or a governmental agency, our tree care and maintenance expertise is here for you.


Boasting a robust team of certified professionals, we operate in dynamic crews of 2-4, equipped with late-model, meticulously maintained machinery.


This ensures every job is executed efficiently and to the highest standard. Our dedication goes beyond just caring for trees; we’re committed to ensuring landscapes stay beautiful, and properties remain safe.

Client Darryl

What Our Clients Say

Had Dave and the team in recently for a tree “clean up.” They did a great job, with minimal damage to other trees, shrubs, and plants. They did in a day, what would’ve taken me six months. They are highly recommended.

Darryl  Luttrell

Don't gamble with the competition, let Got Me Stumped Tree Services handle it professionally