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Tree Maintenance

Set you trees up for success, with professional tree maintenance

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Ensure your trees longevity and efficient growth with Tree Maintenance.

Promote lasting strength & prevent issues with pests, your trees will thank you.  

Tree Maintenance Overview

Protect your Property and buildings, avoiding costly cleanups

Through effective tree maintenance, potential dangers are significantly reduced. Properly pruned and stabilised trees are less likely to drop branches or topple over, protecting your property from potential damages. It’s a proactive step in safeguarding your investments.

Protect Your Property

Catch Things before it’s too late, with Regular Tree Checks

Minimising potential tree issues is paramount. Regular tree maintenance provides an opportunity for early detection of problems, from pest infestations to structural weaknesses. By catching these issues early, you can address them before they escalate, ensuring your trees remain in prime condition.

Tree Checks

Guide the growth of your trees, so they become exactly what shape you want

Tree maintenance crafts not just healthier trees but also forms natural barriers. By fostering dense and robust growth, your trees can serve as protective screens, offering privacy from prying eyes and shielding against harsh environmental elements like wind and noise.

Guide The Growth

What We Offer Through Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance Services
  • Comprehensive tree health assessment.
  • Pruning of dead or weak branches.
  • Application of pest deterrents or treatments.
  • Soil testing to ensure proper nutrient levels.
  • Installation of support cables or braces for stabilisation.
  • Mulching around the tree base to retain moisture.
  • Root zone aeration for improved oxygen access.
  • Inspection for signs of diseases or infections.
  • Recommendations for water and care regimen.
  • Seasonal maintenance planning for optimum tree health.
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What Our Clients Say

These guys did an amazing job at my place today! Cutting the lemon tree back, trimming the ivy and a clean up. Thank you for being so thorough and also nice and friendly. Would recommend you to anyone

Oriel Wilson

Tree maintenance  – FAQ

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Is regular maintenance necessary for all types of trees?

Tree maintenance is recommended for most tree types. Different species have varied requirements, but consistent care ensures longevity and efficient growth, optimising their health and appearance.

Indeed, tree maintenance plays a pivotal role in pest control. Regular upkeep identifies early infestations, enabling timely interventions and creating an environment less favorable to pests.

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Do you offer consultations to assess the maintenance needs of my trees?

Absolutely, consultation services are available to evaluate tree health and determine specific maintenance requirements. Each tree’s unique needs are addressed to ensure optimal care.

Tree maintenance encompasses activities like pruning, cabling, and pest management. These steps bolster tree resilience, promote efficient growth, and reduce the risk of diseases, ensuring trees flourish in their environments.

Tree Maintenance Faq 2

Tree Maintenance today, keeps major interventions away